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FlashLineElectronics offers customers a single-window PCB prototype service for all types of printed circuit boards. Not only do we offer additional services such as mechanical and electronic customization, CNC milling, PCB layout, and 3-D printing, we also offer high quality PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly at competitive rates, fast build times, along with the unequaled quality of workmanship. As a result, we fulfill the requirements of tens of thousands of industries, engineers, and hobbyists around the world. They trust our fabrication and assembly units, as we offer:

  • Instant Online Quotes, without any hidden costs
  • Fast turnaround times, typically 24 hours
  • Over two decades of industrial expertise
  • Skilled and professional technical support
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    Full Turnkey PCB Services

    At FlashlineElectronics, we understand that iteration is the basis of innovation. Customers with an idea usually create a design and build a prototype. They test the prototype and review its performance. Depending on the results of the test, they may make either minor changes or major updates until the prototype achieves the desired results.

    Most of our customers use printed circuit boards to create their prototypes. However, the traditional approach to making an in-house prototype is notoriously labor-intensive and time-consuming. FlashLineElectronics follows a different approach. We accept your orders and give you an instant quote. Moreover, our prototype is ready for you almost immediately. Therefore, our customers can carry on with their core expertise like creating, testing, and updating their design. They need not to waste their time making prototypes. In short, PCB prototypes from FlashLineElectronics speeds up the time to market for the customer.

    PCB Prototyping on the Cloud

    PCB prototyping on the cloud is an innovative approach to prototype PCB fabrication from FlashLineElectronics. We have introduced this uniquely modern way as a PCB prototyping partner to our customers.

    Our online portal combines the benefits of online PCB ordering and managing the project. This also includes our intelligent manufacturing technology on the cloud. At FlashLineElectronics, we combine various prototype PCB orders into a large effort. The advantages of this method are we can slash the costs as well as the turnaround times. Benefits to the customers are obvious.

    As soon as we receive your BOM and design files, we send you an instant quote. After this, whenever you like, you can start monitoring our production processes using your browser from the comfort of your office. This way, not only do we deliver your prototype quickly, you get the necessary time for iterating your design until the results are satisfactory to you.

    FlashLineElectronics Rapid PCB Prototyping

    Once we have partnered with you for PCB fabrication, for any type of PCB prototype FlashLineElectronics offers rapid prototyping. Our rapid prototyping offers the following benefits:

    • Instant quotations
    • Quick all-round support
    • Large inventory of electronic parts
    • Quick turn PCB assembly
    • Respect for intellectual rights

    You can estimate the speed at which we work from the beginning of the interaction. As soon as you upload the requirements of your prototype online, we send our instant quote. This enables you to know instantly how much your project will cost.

    We have an online project management app that combines our PCB fabrication process at the back-end with the cloud application. The combined app is how we can offer our customers our rapid prototyping service. Our solution brings you a user-friendly portal where you can seek a quote, order for PCBs, change your requirements, and track your project.

    Our inventory of common parts that we maintain in-house allows you to buy components at a lower cost than what the market offers. As we purchase from the manufacturers and suppliers in large quantities, we can transfer the savings to our customers.

    FlashLineElectronics Manufactures Prototypes in Silicon Valley

    At FlashLineElectronics, we maintain our own assembly lines and do not involve any external parties in assembling your prototypes. This helps us to maintain the privacy and protection of your intellectual property rights from exposing them to outside parties. An additional advantage is we remain in control and deliver your prototypes within the scheduled time. Not outsourcing your prototype PCBs to others also allows us to keep a closer grip over the quality and workmanship of the product. In-house assembly allows us to avoid any chances of failure that could delay or even kill the project.

    Beyond PCB Prototyping

    We understand our customer’s electronic manufacturing processes, and we know that prototyping is only a primary step, and there will be more steps for them to follow later. Whether the customer is a small business, a DIY creator, an engineer, an OEM, or a Kickstarter manufacturer, we know that ultimately, they will want PCB assembly for a final product, and subsequently, they will require more PCBs and PCB assemblies for sale.

    Therefore, FlashLineElectronics goes beyond rapid PCB prototyping. Not only do we offer all customers our complete support and facilities for prototyping, we also extend it beyond for large manufacturing runs and final assembly for the product.

    We go beyond assembling your prototypes and products. We can hold your PCBs and assemblies into our inventory and ship them to you whenever you require them. Our system is quite flexible and our customers can use our API to integrate our services directly to their ERP or e-commerce solutions. This allows us to receive the orders from your customers directly, and we can immediately package your product and ship it without any action from your side.

    Our new approach from FlashLineElectronics for rapid prototyping and fabrication of PCBs offers our customers the advantage of bringing their ideas to the market in the least possible period. As your most preferred manufacturing partner, FlashLineElectronics brings you prototype boards in record time and good quality. Therefore, you do not have to manage multiple sources for your project and you can save the associated waiting time for delivery.