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Certification: ISO 9001:2015

FlashlineElectronics is proud to announce its newly acquired certification for ISO 9001:2015. This helps us to focus on improving the management of our PCB design library and our services for reverse engineering.

Since we now conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, our business areas have now undergone some important changes. We now:

  • Determine the needs and expectations of all interested parties
  • Provide management leadership
  • Address changes, opportunities, and risks
  • Plan and control processes
  • Monitor and analyze results
  • Ensure continuous improvements

The benefit of the above to our customers is the assurance of our continued existence in business for an extended period. FlashLineElectronics will remain dedicated to supporting you in delivering projects on time and with a high quality level.

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    Customer Supplied PCB Design Files


    At FlashLineElectronics, we prefer to use schematic design files of our customers drawn in the PCB design tools of OrCAD or Altium, with the netlist file made in the Tango or Protel format. The customer should preferably supply a complete and verified schematic before we can start working on the design layout. The customer should also ensure the netlist and schematic agree with each other.

    Bill of Materials

    The customer must specify individual parts completely for the design, including the application parameters and tolerances required.

    The customer must also specify the footprint they want for all the components since manufacturers offer components in multiple choice of footprints. Sending us an existing SnapEDA part number, or a complete datasheet printout for each component will complete the requirement for component details.

    Printed Circuit Board Outline

    Customers can supply the mechanical outline of their printed circuit board in either a paper drawing format or in an IDE file format. The latter is simple if they use a mechanical CAD tool. We also accept a printout from the PCB CAD design tool.

    FlashLineElectronics PCB Layout Services

    At FlashLineElectronics, we offer printed circuit board design services with the following features:

    • We provide highly experienced experts to make sure the physical layout of the schematic design meets the requirements of Design for Manufacturing (DFM). While we use your design files drawn on CAD tools, we need you to supply us with a certified netlist.
    • We use our CAD design tools to create a layout of your design
    • During manufacturing, we add the capability for assembly and electrical testing
    • We deliver the finished PCBs to the customer along with the design files

    Consulting for PCB Layout and DFM Checks

    At FlashLineElectronics, our highly experienced team of professional engineers will help with your PCB layout—being experts in huge FPGA layouts, high FPGA layers, high current power supplies, mixed signal layout (analog and digital), Microwave and RF designs, HDI PCBs, rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCBs.

    Since we are the leading specialists in high technology, we provide the most optimum solutions for your dream project. As an exclusive partner for manufacturing and assembling your PCBs, we help you with all types of issues related to PCB layout, and we also make sure the design will pass the necessary DFM checks.

    Our engineering team takes up your PCB design files as soon as we receive them, with an aim of providing you an error-free PCB prototype. We have a PCB layout consultation team to help you with any design related issue, whether your design is for a simple 2-layer board or a high-density, complicated board of 40 or more layers.

    FlashLineElectronics can provide printed circuit boards in any shape, size, or material, whether you require FR-4, Polyimide, Paper phenolic, or any exotic material for Microwave/RF PCBs.

    FlashLineElectronics Design Expertise

    At FlashLineElectronics, we are the leading experts in the industry for all types of PCB design, fabrication, and assembly. We not only produce prototypes, but also boards for meeting all types of production runs. When we help with the design for a customer, we not only create the layout suitable for manufacturing, we also fabricate the PCB. According to the customer’s requirements, we can also solder and assemble the boards before we return the final PCBs to the customer, meeting the deadline.

    We aim to be entirely flexible to the customer’s needs. We can provide the labor for the design, and full or partial assembly of the boards. For instance, for full turnkey assembly, we not only provide labor for the design, but also for purchasing the parts and assembling them on the bare boards. We have automated machines suitable for both placing the components on the board and for soldering them. This allows us to offer a guarantee for repeated assembly work.

    During the entire process of design and development, our engineers assist you in ensuring that we will manufacture your product without any issues, will have excellent quality and consistency. For this, we assist you in calculating impedances, layer stacking, and achieving design for manufacturability. We make sure of meeting your specifications with our automated test systems.

    FlashLineElectronics Quality Standards

    Quality is the foundation of all our activities in FlashLineElectronics. We continually strive for improvements involving both internal and external factors related to PCB design, prototypes development, and fabrication. We use the latest technology to make sure we keep our documents complete, and ECRs and ECNs up to date. Our Quality Management System conforms to ISO 9001:2015, and we track all our vendors for quality. We also ensure we meet all standards for customer quality conforming to global benchmarks.

    We maintain a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that has a complete range of capabilities to allow us to fabricate multi-layered boards in any volume. We specially focus on technology to make sure our capabilities extend beyond those offered by other manufacturers. For instance, our stockrooms are automated, our selective soldering machines are automated, optical inspection tools are automated, we operate multi-flex SMT lines, we use X-rays for installing, reworking, and reballing BGAs. Our testing resources are highly qualified and trained engineers. Our testing capabilities include ICT flying probes.

    At FlashLineElectronics, we aim to deliver uniquely unparalleled quality of printed circuit boards to our customers, reaching them always on time. This has allowed us to retain the design and manufacturing leadership in the printed circuit board industry.