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At FlashLineElectronics, we are into all aspects of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)—design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. We are the specialists, excelling in building all types of PCBs including short runs, one-offs, prototypes, and large-scale production runs. For our PCBs, we use rapid turn times, and our customers benefit from our instant online quotes, online ordering, and online management. We are highly experienced in turnkey or kitted assembly, and we help our customers not only with their requirements, but also with their projects. Our awards are the testimonials for the customer satisfaction and quality we continuously achieve.

Our capabilities include our experience, understanding, and knowledge. We have the experience and extensive understanding of electronic products and projects, which we derive from our knowledge of PCB design, manufacturing electronic components, and their assembly on the PCB. Our PCB assembly unit at FlashLineElectronics offers multiple key features that add value to the services we offer our customers:

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    Intelligent Online Quotations

    All PCB assemblies require efficient handling for successful completion. We begin the initial step in the project with intelligent online quotes informing our customers right away as to how much the project is going to cost them.

    Online Management

    At FlashLineElectronics, we offer our customers access to the back-end process of manufacturing for their project through a cloud application. The benefit to us is we can maintain our time-line for offering the PCB assembly solution. For the customer, the benefit from the user-friendly portal is, they can use a browser to place their orders, to receive quotes, change management handling, and track how their project’s progress directly from the comfort of their offices.

    Inventory of Common Parts

    FlashLineElectronics has a huge inventory of parts in common use in the industry. As we buy electronic parts in bulk, we have a price advantage. This allows us to transfer the price advantage to our customers, and they get the parts commonly in use at costs lower than available in the market. Purchasing electronic components in bulk has another advantage, and we can spread our savings across many customers for assembling their prototypes.

    Onshore Manufacturing

    As FlashLineElectronics is situated in Silicon Valley, the advantage of speed is with us. We can rapidly assemble any type of printed circuit boards and supply them to our customers far faster than shipments from an overseas can. The same is true for our assembly services for rapid prototypes as well.

    Our assembly lines are totally in-house. Therefore, we do not involve any third-party service for assembly or manufacturing. This helps us to keep tight control over the quality, timelines, and reliability of our printed circuit board assembly lines.

    FlashLineElectronics PCB Assembly Services

    • Partial turnkey assembly
    • Full turnkey assembly
    • Quick-turn assembly
    • Prototype assembly
    • Kitted/Consigned assembly
    • Consignment assembly
    • Regular assembly (non-RoHS)
    • Lead-free assembly (complying with RoHS)
    • SMT and THD assembly
    • No-clean processing and assembly
    • Final box assembly and packaging
    • Conformal coating on PCBs
    • Engineering Prototypes assembly
    • Electro-mechanical assemblies
    • Mechanical assembly
    • Repair/Rework services
    • First article builds at low cost
    • Laser-Cut Stencils
    • Nano-Coated Stencils

    FlashLineElectronics PCB Testing Services

    • Through-Hole Parts / Devices (THD) Assembly
    • SMT Assembly / Parts
    • THD & SMT Mixed Assembly / Parts
    • Passive SMD components (0201 and smaller)
    • BGA Interposer / Stack-up
    • BGA Assembly, high pin-count
    • BGA / µBGA Assembly
    • SOIC, POP, QFP, QFN, & lead-less IC Assembly
    • Flip-chip and under-filled CCGA packages
    • Gull-Wing Package
    • Fine-pitch Assembly (12 to 16 mil Pitch)

    FlashLineElectronics Testing Instruments

    • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) Testing
    • X-Ray Inspection for QFN, BGA, QFP etc.
    • X-Rays (2-D and 3-D)
    • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
    • Flying Probes
    • Functional Testing of board and at system level
    • Regular rework
    • Engineering Rework
    • BGA and Fine-pitch IC Rework
    • BGA Reballing

    Minimum Order Quantity

    FlashLineElectronics has no MOQ for any order our customer’s place on us.

    Assuring the Quality of PCB Assembly

    At FlashLineElectronics, we have a seven-step process for assuring the quality of our PCB assembly lines:

    1. Engineering Support: We have experts for conducting Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), and Design for Testing (DFT) exercises and providing feedback to customers.
    2. Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Printing: We use computerized Laser Direct Imaging for accurately defining the features on each layer and for accurate registration from one layer to another.
    3. Fixtures for Reflow: Rather than use the same fixture for all PCBs, we have dedicated fixtures for each PCB, ensuring perfect soldering during reflow.
    4. Nitrogen for Reflow: We use a nitrogen atmosphere in our ovens for reflow soldering for improving the soldering quality. The presence of nitrogen enlarges the process window during soldering.
    5. X-Ray Inspection: We inspect PCBs in real-time using X-Rays and computerized image analysis. This is in addition to the automatic inspection process for our PCBs.
    6. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI): For detecting missing, skewed, misplaced, wrong, and incorrect polarity of components placed on the PCB, we inspect using an automated optical inspection process.
    7. Flying Probes: We use flying probes of soft gold pins to test for electrical continuity, shorts, and opens. Combined with computerized testing, we also test for component failures, open joints, shorted pins, and more, especially for QFP/QFN/BGA assemblies.

    FlashLineElectronics is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our customers certify that we quote the lowest assembly rates in the industry. We have experienced engineers to offer professional advice to customers on the selection of material, copper weight, stackup, blind and buried vias, stacked vias, via filling, drilling requirements, surface finishes, conformal coatings, and much more.

    Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Expenses

    At FlashLineElectronics, our assembly processes cover a wide range of services, including tooling. However, we absorb these non-recurring engineering or NRE expenses rather than pass them on to our customers. For example, we do not charge the customer for pick-and-place machine programming, stencil tooling, test fixtures, and the dedicated reflow fixtures in any PCB quotation to our customers.

    FlashLineElectronics Professionalism Unmatched

    Our assembly unit at FlashLineElectronics assures customers that the PCB fabrication and assembly for their project will always conform to their specifications completely. We have expert engineers who work seamlessly with the customer for removing all potential issues in the PCB design during the prototype stage. This allows the customer to pass through the prototype stage and come to the production stage much faster. With our unparalleled professionalism, we offer our customers the guarantee that:

    • Return rates < 0.05% for any PCB we manufacture
    • Zero defects for manufacturing and PCB assembly
    • Optional engineering reviews for uncovering any manufacturability issues for all designs the customers submit to us
    • Flying Probe Electrical Testing to electrically match PCBs to the customer’s Gerber files
    • Design for Manufacturability or DFM reviews on a self-service basis
    • Bundled Assembly with a single financial transaction

    If you have any complicated PCB, with fine-pitch component assembly, we are there for you, even if your project is a rush order or has a component that is proving difficult to locate. You can bank on the assembly unit at FlashLineElectronics for completing the job on time, in a dependable but flexible manner, and that too at the most reasonable prices in the industry.