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At FlashLineElectronics, we offer our customers manufacturing and turnkey PCB assembly. We cater to all types of customers, from prototypes for startups to production lots for established OEMs. Whatever is the type of project you are involved in, FlashLineElectronics offers full turnkey PCB facilities for your advantage.

We have made huge investments in the latest equipment for circuit board manufacturing. As a result, FlashLineElectronics is offering turnkey PCB assembly services that benefit all types of electronic hardware manufacturers, especially startups. With improvements in our processes, we offer high-quality circuit boards in low volumes at affordable prices. Apart from helping to design your boards, we also order parts from your BOM and offering you a completely assembled board. In short, we can take the responsibility of all types of requirements for your PCB from design to assembly and testing. FlashLineElectronics gives you PCBs that we have fully assembled and tested, and you can directly mount them inside your product. We bring you several benefits from our full turnkey electronic PCB assembly services.

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    Manufacturing and Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

    The industry uses the word turnkey to mean products or services that the customer can immediately start using. When we apply this to PCB assembly, FlashLineElectronics means we handle the entire PCB project, handing you the completed PCB at the end. The activity involves manufacturing the PCB according to your instructions, procuring the electronic parts according to your BOM, and completing the assembly and testing according to your instructions.

    In general, other turnkey PCB assemblers use a cloud-based software. This method allows them to liaise with board manufacturers for developing the PCB and with suppliers to purchase components. FlashLineElectronics does not follow this traditional method. We have our own in-house manufacturing facilities for fabricating printed circuit boards. This allows us to help you from the design stage itself. Small businesses find this approach very cost-effective and efficient, especially when they have a critical time-to-market schedule.

    Essentially, with our full turnkey PCB assembly solutions, our customers can focus more on their development activities related to their product, while we handle all the operations related to your PCB manufacturing and assembly.

    Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

    From established OEMs to small businesses to startups, all customers can take advantage of our full turnkey PCB assembly services. By investing in printed circuit boards in small amounts, our customers do not have to carry a large inventory. With our turnkey services, FlashLineElectronics allows you efficient and cost-effective solutions for assembling and testing your circuit boards. Most importantly, FlashLineElectronics offers you fully assembled and tested boards in the shortest possible lead times.

    Effective Management

    As your full turnkey PCB supplier, our customers collaborate only with FlashLineElectronics, and have only one vendor to manage. This saves our customer’s frustrations of having to manage several vendors individually for PCBs, parts, and components. With FlashLineElectronics as your turnkey partner, you have a single point of contact. This implies your accounts section handles only a single bill, while we handle all changes in your project seamlessly. For our customers, we know that prototype development is time-consuming and an expensive process. Adding management of multiple vendors to this is only going to make it more overwhelming for them.

    High-Quality Products

    Our professional services benefit our customers. Our boards are of exceptional quality, and surface mount components are perfectly soldered and tested. Being a professional manufacturing and turnkey PCB assembly facility, at FlashLineElectronics we only use laminates, coverlays/solder resists, and silk-screen methods of the highest quality.

    Customers prefer using surface mount devices or SMDs rather than through-hole components for various reasons. One of the primary reasons being SMDs result in compact and high-density boards. Another reason is intellectual property protection. At FlashLineElectronics we use sophisticated machines to achieve precise automated component placement and reflow soldering for effective anchoring of components. To avoid quality issues, we do not use manual assembly or hand-soldering for SMDs.

    Our automated machines and techniques are state-of-the-art in the industry allowing us to offer perfectly soldered joints even for fine pitch components and very small SMD parts. That is how FlashLineElectronics can offer the most reliable turnkey PCB assembly solutions in the industry.

    Design for Manufacturing

    The design for manufacturing or DFM facility is one of the key components of our professional turnkey solutions. When a customer collaborates with FlashLineElectronics for a prototype, we review the design and assess it for its fitness for manufacturing. Our experts at FlashLineElectronics will bring to the notice of the customer any part of their design that is likely to cause an issue with manufacturing. At the same time, we also offer our views and suggestions for successfully overcoming the issue.

    For instance, we detect any errors in the netlist file you have provided us. Such errors could lead to improper routing of the prototype board. Usually, these errors can creep in during the creation of the board layout. Identifying and rectifying errors in the prototype design stage is a much cheaper exercise than making changes in the final product. Our experienced PCB designers conduct the DFM checks in the design, and this saves your time and money by preventing carrying over the mistakes to the final product.

    Time Saved Through Full Turnkey PCB Solutions

    With our full turnkey PCB solutions, FlashLineElectronics can significantly reduce the amount of time your team spends. Our activities may not reduce the overall time we need to produce the prototype. However, with our turnkey services, we can free some time for your team, allowing them to work on other areas demanding their attention.

    Making use of our full turnkey PCB assembly solutions, your team is free from having to deal with individual vendors for PCBs and parts, assemblers, and testing houses. They are therefore free to improve their design or perform similar other jobs of higher value. FlashLineElectronics offers full turnkey PCB assembly solutions to improve the overall effectiveness of our customers while reducing their operating expenses.