Flex and Rigid Hybrid Board

Flex + Rigid Hybrid Board

Flex + Rigid Hybrid Board

Flexible Board

Polyimide kapton

Blind & Burried 1+FLEX+1 Laser drill

  • Material:
  • Flex:L2~L3 TU-768:L1~L0 L0~L4
  • Laser:L4~L0 laser via:0.006″
  • dielec tricthickness: 0.0035″~0.0045″
  • No VIPPO

Construction Materials

Material Type

  • PI thic:1~3mils
  • Coverlay thic:2mils Ink thic:0.5~0.9mils
  • Adhesive thic:1~2mils (Polyester)
  • Nonflow PP 47N 49N thic:2.5mils
  • Stiffener PI FR4 AL
  • Copper ED RA
  • EMI SF-PC5500 thic:0.6~0.8mils

Cu + adhesive thic:2.4mils

Blind vias

  • Copper windowing
  • Laser via
  • Copper plating
  • Coverlay/Soldermask
  • Fab.: CNC, Laser cutting
  • Stiffener

Flex Main Equipments

Precision hot-Air Oven


Laser cutting

Mass. Lam. For flex and cover lay

Material Aluminum & FLEX base


  • FR4-ISOLA370HR Aluminu flex