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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer, prototype & Assembly Services all the way from FlashLineElectronics.

FlashLineElectronics is at the head of the league of innovative and trusted printed circuit board manufacturers. Among the multitude of PCB manufacturers, we, at FlashLineElectronics stand unique with our balanced offerings of quality, value, and cost. Our experience spans 20+ years, and we know how to turn our client’s ideas into reality, while paying meticulous attention to their requirements.

We handle all your requirements. We can design your PCBs from your schematics, build it, assemble it, and test it to meet your standards. We have experienced engineers for designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing PCBs to meet your requirements. All this while, we are constantly in touch with you.

At FlashLineElectronics, we fabricate multi-layered PCBs ranging from 2 to 32 layers. We make them in small quantities and in bulk for both local and global supply. If you require PCBs with exotic material, unconventional material, and superior layer counts, we are there for you. FlashLineElectronics has earned the title of “Best PCB manufacturer” as the number of our delighted customers all over the globe has crossed the magic mark. Today we are confident that we can innovate and engineer a PCB to success.

At FlashLineElectronics, our exceptional range of services includes manufacturing Prototype PCBs, assembling production PCBs, and manufacturing and assembling rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs, HDI or High-Density Interconnect PCBs, buried and blind vias, laser-drilled micro-vias, quick turn PCBs, and turnkey PCBs. Come to FlashLineElectronics, we design the finest PCBs.

Our Manufacturing Base

At FlashLineElectronics, we have a team of engineers that is not only skillful, but also well-experienced and capable of thinking ahead. We understand the demands and challenges of manufacturing modern PCBs, and we have the complete knowledge, experience, and technology to convert our customers’ plans into a perfect reality. Our confident, flexible, and resourceful engineers are fully capable of fulfilling our customer’s expectations and exceed them.

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    Why Choose FlashLineElectronics

    Our achievements remain unparalleled:

    • Best shipping record for on-time deliveries
    • The best and largest support team
    • More than 10000 active customers

    As the largest Printed Circuit Board manufacturer, FlashLineElectronics offers customers expanded PCB capabilities and multiple exclusive services such as the free DFM check and free PCB Gerber design. Simultaneously, for each order from our customers we provide exclusive hands-on service.

    Our customers use our instant online quoting facilities to obtain their quotes. While placing their order, they use our online tracking system to observe the progress of their order. As an extraordinary electronics manufacturer, FlashLineElectronics offers:

    • High-Quality Boards
    • Single-Day Fabrication and Assembly
    • 365x24x7 Live Technical Support
    • One-on-One Professional PCB Engineering Services
    • Instant Online Quote & Order Tracking
    • Quick Turn PCBs — Same Day & Weekend
    • No Minimum Order Requirement
    • All Surface Finishes for Lead-Free and RoHS Compliant Boards
    • DOD Contracts Ready / ITAR Registered
    • Space & Flight Approved Supplier

    With more than two decades of experience, FlashLineElectronics offers customers the best high-quality PCBs and PCB assemblies. Our customers find FlashLineElectronics to be the best PCB manufacturer they can do business with most easily. We stand out from our competitors, based on the record of our success with our customers.

    Leverage Your Manufacturing with FlashLineElectronics

    At FlashLineElectronics, we offer unique solutions you will never receive from others in the electronics industry. As a leader, we are recognized as the manufacturer that can supply the entire range of PCBs for the development and manufacturing of electronic products.

    FlashLineElectronics fabricates PCBs that are not only high quality, but also competitively priced. This allows our customers to avoid risks associated with buying PCBs through the services of an agent. As a reputed electronics manufacturer, FlashLineElectronics assures on-time deliveries and excellent customer service always.

    Single-Portal Shop for PCB Manufacturing
    and Assembly

    FlashLineElectronics is offering a single portal for all types of Printed Circuit Boards you may need—starting from their design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. We also offer Full Turnkey PCB Assembly services. We specialize in Engineering Prototypes, production quantities, high layer count PCBs, and we are experts in all types of Electronic Manufacturing Services. We make all types of PCBs including Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Metal Clad, and HDI PCBs. Our PCBs comply with all International standards. Our organization has certifications for compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. All our products comply with IPC-A-610E and J-STD-001 standards. Whether you need bare circuit boards, final assemblies, or box builds, FlashLineElectronics is there for you.

    Our products and services are unparalleled in the industry because of our workmanship, speed, and quality. While our prices are the most competitive in the industry, we are totally committed to delighting our customers.

    Our Expanded Capabilities

    At FlashLineElectronics, we manufacture all types of innovative PCB designs. We also make cavity boards and boards with laser-drilled micro-vias. If you need thick copper, we provide up to 20 oz. We also provide landless vias, via-in-pad, via-on-trace, RF boards, and microwave boards with up to 60 layers.

    We have been leading the PCB industry for more than two decades, and we have the capability to bring you the most innovative PCB technologies. Not only this, but we also conform to the highest international standards followed by the industry today. All our PCB manufacturing services follow international standards such as ISO 9001;2015, AS 91000, MIL-PRF-5510, MIL-PRF-31032, and IPC 6012 Class 3/3A. FlashLineElectronics is ITAR registered, and we also service DOD contracts.

    Based on our expanded capabilities, we are always there to meet your specific PCB needs. It does not matter whether you want a simple board, or your design is complex one. While we can always meet your large-scale production requirements, we are also ready to satisfy your requirements of small quantity boards.

    We’re satisfied with your service. Compared with others PCB companies.

    Chris D

    I have had excellent service from Flashline Electronics over the past 5 years. Your engineers have helped me and saved my time and money.

    Andy W

    Our Services

    PCB Prototype

    FlashLineElectronics manufactures multi-layered PCBs ranging from 2 to 32 layers. We manufacture small, medium, and large quantities for both local as well as global supply. If you have a special requirement involving higher layer counts with any special material, we are there for you.

    PCB Assembly

    We build all PCB assemblies including one-off, short runs, prototypes, and full production runs. We use rapid turn-around times, along with instant online quotes and ordering.

    PCB Design

    As one of the finest PCB manufacturers, we offer our design services for designing PCBs. At FlashLineElectronics, we have a dedicated team of engineers who are not only skillful but are also highly experienced and capable of thinking ahead.

    Full Turnkey PCB

    As a part of our electronic PCB services, we also offer turnkey PCB assembly along with PCB manufacturing facilities. Customers can benefit significantly from our turnkey PCB assembly services.